What Makes Metaverse Challenging


The technology has paved way to many improvements not only in the business sector but everyone’s well being. More and more companies are now taking advantage of what the technology has to offer, including metaverse.

Even Adam Tracy, a popular consultant and advisor, knows how important technology is and even metaverse. But despite the many good things metaverse can offer businesses, and the people today, there are still some challenges this can offer the humanity.

Actually, even the most popular social media platform can sometimes be disturbing even if it generally offers a good and accessible life to everyone. There are many challenges metaverse may experience before it can be universally used and applauded.

You may be thinking that metaverse can bring you to a perfect world, but actually, it is not the case. There are still some challenges that may or may not be able to fix. To help you understand it further, here are the things that can make metaverse somehow challenging:

  • The old generation may not be interested about new technology

Some people from the older generation hate the internet, so expect the worse when they are introduced to metaverse. It is a fact that not everyone is open to upgrading and understanding the new technology, with this, it is very hard to penetrate the entire humanity, especially that there are some who are against or at least do not care about it.

Since not everyone is interested with it, do not expect that you can convince your grandparents to use metaverse to at least make their lives easier.

  • It is expensive

Yes, technology is expensive including metaverse. When you use metaverse you need to have not just your cellphone but VR and remote too. You cannot enjoy it if you are just using the regular VR, hence upgrading is necessary. Although it is expensive, you do not have to worry as much because the enjoyment, plus the conveniences it can provide is beyond your expectations.

Why will you think twice about spending extra if you can enjoy and get maximum entertainment, right? And besides, you just need to spend once and you are good to go to enjoy metaverse as long as you want. 

  • It may encourage virtual relationships

Because of VR seeming like you are speaking with someone in person even if you are not, it will make you satisfied building relationships virtually instead of meeting them up in person.

This may sacrifice personal relationships, so just in case you are planning to use metaverse, make sure that it won’t affect your personal relationships with your loved ones. 

  • It makes people too complacent

Since it is very easy to use metaverse compared to personally going to shops, meeting your family and friends, going to the beach, and so on, choosing it is what you will do instead. People’s lives become very easy making almost everyone complacent and probably not working any more to improve their lives for the better. Complacency is not something that should be entertained and this is unfortunately something metaverse can do.

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